Mad Max

(Summer 1983) I loved listening to Michael talk about Australia and all things Australian.  Though he talked about taking me to see where he was from that summer, my passport did not come in until after school was back in session.

He asked if I had seen the 1979 film Mad Max starring Mel Gibson.  Which I wasn’t even sure if it had been released to theaters in the states and told him no.  After this I gave Michael the pet name Max.  Later, this became one of my pseudonyms while writing songs, Max Martin, and hoped one day this would be the name of my future child if I had a son.

Instead, it became the name of Michael’s solo project with Ollie Olsen and Olsen claiming Max Q was the name of his dog.  The Q around the “A” is in fact to resemble the “Anarchy A” symbol.

I would later meet Mel Gibson and work on ideas for films with him.

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