Admiral Nelson

Another of Michael Hutchence pseudonyms when checking into hotels as claimed in the book Just A Man – The Real Michael Hutchence is Admiral Nelson.

Michael’s reference was in two parts.  It was another reference to Gone With The Wind (see his brother’s name Rhett).  Vivien Leigh appeared in That Hamilton Woman (1941) as Emma Hamilton with her husband Laurence Olivier who played Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Leigh was originally cast in the role of Ruth of the 1954 film Elephant Walk but forced to withdraw from production shortly after filming began and the role was taken over by Elizabeth Taylor.  In Elephant Walk the actor Abraham Sofaer also starred who is best-remembered for his recurring role as Hadji, the master of all genies, on I Dream of Jeannie

The other reference is to Larry Hagman‘s character as Captain/Major Anthony “Tony” Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie.

It was 1984, Kurt Cobain and Tom Cruise brought a belly dancer outfit for me to change into.  This wasn’t unusual as they also brought an outfit similar to Dr. Frankenfurter of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for me to change into one day and Michael surprised me wearing an identical costume after they pushed me onto the stage in front of many of their friends.

I sat in the floor, crossed my arms, and tried to imitate Barbara Eden’s famous character just being funny.  As usual a song started running through my head and I started making up “Genie in a Bottle” inspired by the television show.

Genie in a Bottle is the first of many songs I wrote for the artist Michael Jackson and I gave the stage name Christina Aguilera.

After making up the song “What a Girl Wants“, I pitched the idea to Mel Gibson for the film What Women Want released in 2000.  The song “Beautiful” was written many years after I first wrote the song “The Beautiful Ones” for Prince’s Purple Rain.

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